Privacy and the NSA

Last year, the NSA set up high security facilities on NC State’s campus, which is located in District 16. The NSA spy program violates our constitutional rights and has absolutely no business in Raleigh. When elected, Molotov Mitchell will launch an investigation and call for the removal of these shadowy facilities. The NSA may have paid millions for permission to work in District 16, but your freedom is not for sale. Vote for Molotov Mitchell and kick the NSA out of your neighborhood!


Before Republicans took over, Tax Foundation ranked the Tarheel State as one of the worst tax environments in the nation. But in just a few short years, the new Republican majority took us from 47th in the country to 17th. Today, businesses are moving here. Unemployment is plummeting. When elected, Molotov will work with Republicans to liberate businesses. By simplifying and reducing taxes, and reducing stifling over-regulation, businesses can grow and growth means more jobs.


Obamacare is a disaster. Millions upon millions are losing their coverage. The unpopular law desperately needs to be overhauled or repealed. But that’s a matter for folks in Washington. Here in District 16, however, liberal extremists like Josh Stein want to expand Obamacare locally through programs like Medicaid. When elected, Molotov Mitchell will contain Obamacare at the local level until it can fixed or repealed in Washington. Vote for Molotov and say NO to Obamacare!